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Arthur Leigh Allen (December 18, 1933-August 26, 1992) found an interest in killing animals and torturing bugs as a kid. He would usually stab the picked animals to their death he also loved burning the insects, When Allen found a frog he would cut it up and take its guts out after doing so, All the claims were made by Karen Allen who also said he once microwaved an insect for fun when Allen was a child. Did he do it ?

Early Life[]

Life and Education[]

Allen grew up in Vallejo California, also graduated in Vallejo High in the year of 1950. He found an interest in Liberal Arts while attending Vallejo College. Allen also attended Cal Poly State College at San Luis Obispo, Calif. he got his bachelors degree in 1960.

As a kid, Allen found interest in killing insects and also torturing animals, Karen Allen claimed he microwaved an insect for fun once, He gut a frog open and would take out their guts, He also stabbed some of the animals to their death.



Allen joined the Military (Most likely the Navy) in 1950.


Allen was also a Mechanic he knew cars very well.

List of arrest[]

Arthur Leigh Allen was arrested 2 times the list is below

  • Disturbing the Peace
  • Child Molestation


On August 26th, 1992, Allen was found dead on his floor, He suffered diabetes which later on led to a Heart Attack.