Jack Tarrance is a suspect of being the Zodiac Killer. He is supposedly the late step father of Dennis Kaufman. Dennis Kaufman sent the following items as his evidence to support that his late stepfather was the Zodiac Killer;

  • hand writing samples
  • a knife with dried blood on it
  • a homemade hood worn by the Zodiac during the Lake Berryessa murders

Kaufman said that Tarrance resembled the sketches of the Zodiac Killer that he saw while watching a documentary. He also said that the measurements of a broken blood stained knife that he found matched the wounds that Cheri Jo Bates had. In addition to this Kaufman also said that he found the Zodiac disguise from 1969.

Dennis Kaufman's half brother Charles Tarrance also agrees that Jack Tarrance, his father, is the Zodiac Killer. Charles said that his dad was acting like he was shooting people while saying "Ha ha, Zodiac."

Mary Larsen's husband, the husband of Jack Tarrance's daughter, says that he recalled Tarrance saying "If you knew who I was, you wouldn't like me very much."

A relative, who remains unnamed, said that Tarrance said "I've been drunk and in fights. I've stabbed so many people I've lost count."

A neighbor says that Tarrance told them "You ain't been hunting until you hunt people."

Some say that Dennis Kaufman was conned by his grandfather or was maybe even doing it just to make some money.