Zodiac Killer Wiki

This wiki is dedicated to providing theories, information, and tools to assist in unlocking the mysteries of the notorious Zodiac Killer. All information found here is the opinion of the content's author(s) and should be taken with a significant portion of salt.

Main Sections

Victims - Individuals that may have been attacked by the Zodiac Killer.

Crime Scenes - Locations and what was discovered at each crime scene.

Letters - Letters allegedly authored by the Zodiac Killer.

Ciphers - Cryptic walls of text that the Zodiac Killer sent to the press. Officially recognized and potentional solutions are found here.

Suspects - A list of individuals whom, at one point, were thought to be the Zodiac Killer.

Theories - User concepts and ideas relating to the Zodiac Killer case.

Tools - Useful tools to assist in providing potential solutions including TrueType Fonts, Applications, and links to tools unaffiliated with this site.

Links - Sites that host information about the Zodaic Killer.

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